We can help you choose the perfect digital piano for you in English.




Hello! My name is Shibuya (渋谷),and I am a store manager of the Yokohama Minatomirai store at Shimamura Music.I have been in charge of pianos in our co […]

Hello! My name is Shibuya (渋谷),and I am a store manager of the Yokohama Minatomirai store at Shimamura Music.
I have been in charge of pianos in our company for more than 10 years.
I have guided and delivered a variety of pianos to many customers.
Many of those customers are living in Japan and many of them are English speakers from overseas.
Based on this experience, I would like to tell you how to choose an electronic piano without making mistakes!
My English is simple, but I still believe I can help you choose the right electronic piano.
If you are interested in purchasing a piano, please call Shibuya at Shimamura Music Yokohama Minatomirai Store or let us know using the contact form below.When you decide to buy one by yourself, you may look at catalogs or read reviews on the Internet, but there is so much information that it is difficult to grasp the key points.

*Please note that we do not export electronic pianos.

 Here are some examples of frequently asked questions

-I need a digital piano, but what are the key points in choosing one?
-There are many different manufacturers of musical instruments, but in the end, which one is the best?
-What are the main reasons for the difference in price?
-What do I need in addition to the piano itself?
-What is the warranty in case of breakdown?
-Is the voltage safe in my country?
-What is the process of getting a digital piano delivered to my room?

We will suggest you which model of electronic piano you should choose and how it differs from an acoustic piano, and we will help you choose a piano that is different for each customer.

We welcome all such requests, so please feel free to come to our store!

First of all, I would like to see the electronic piano section...

I want to hear the advice of a piano advisor...

I would like to compare the piano by myself...

I would like to try it with headphones because I am embarrassed to have my playing heard..." etc.

A little advice when choosing a digital piano at a store!

When trying out a piano, play "chords" and "various scales" and "various intensities.
Try playing chords in different scales and with different intensities!

We often see customers in the store playing only a few notes to check the sound, but that does not make a difference.

Especially in the high range keys, all pianos are light, so you won't notice much difference when you press lightly.

The better the piano, the more the weight of the keys and the sound of the notes will change depending on how hard you press the keys and the scale in which you play them. The presence or absence of this change is very important!The latest models of high-quality electronic pianos use high-quality keyboard sensors. This allows them to produce a change in sound even with different staccato (keyboard release). The ability to create this tonal variation is the key to whether an electronic piano is useful for classical piano practice. If you want to pay attention to this kind of tone change, please try it out with headphones in a store.

At first, most people say, "I can't tell the difference in sound anyway," but we are sure that even young children and those with no experience with musical instruments will be able to understand!

Please feel free to call me to discuss your budget and your home lesson environment!

Please try the piano in the environment you would use it in at home!

When you play the electronic piano at night, you probably use it with the volume turned down.

Even if they live in a house, many people use electronic pianos because they cannot play loudly late at night when their children are growing up and starting club activities.

This is especially true if you live in an apartment or want to practice at night.

If this is the case, try playing with the volume turned down when trying out the piano in a store.

Compared to when the volume is high, you will feel a totally different playing comfort and sound, especially in terms of the strength and weakness of the sound.

When purchasing a piano, it is important to check whether or not the keys are not too heavy when played at a low volume.

If you are likely to play more often at home with headphones, try playing the piano with our test headphones.

It is also important to sit down to play.

In general, electronic pianos are designed so that the sound is best heard when the player sits down to play.

The comfort and sound will be different if you play standing up, so don't hesitate to sit down and play!

Thank you very much for reading this far.

There are many other factors to consider when selecting a piano, such as "design," "color," "function," and "size.

We hope that you will choose a digital piano that you "love" without regret, while respecting the sensibilities of those who play the piano.

We look forward to seeing you at our store!

Please feel free to contact store manager, Shibuya, if you have any questions about electronic pianos.

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