1. Welcome to Shimamura Music Okayama!

Welcome to Shimamura Music Okayama!

![!Hi! It's Li from Shimamura music Okayama branch.


Today i'm going to introduce our Company and Okayama branch.

Shimamura Music is the japan’s largest musical instruments retailer.


We open 10AM~9PM every day.

As the best music store in Japan,We have big range of musical instruments

Our inventories including digital pianos,electric guitars, acoustic guitars & bass guitars, drum kits, Wind/brass,traditional Japanese instrument and so on.

Not only the major brand like Yamaha,Gibson,Fender,Takamine,PRS. We also have extensive inventories of Japanese domestic instrument brands, like History, FGN,Fender Japan. They all were built with extremely high quality, in the middle range of price.



We also offer Repairs, Maintenance and Modifications.

We buying used instruments.



Tax Free Shop

For the customers who having a staying under 6 mouth,And the total purchase more than 10001 yen, we provide tax refund. please bring your passport.

Visit Our store!


private piano room

Okayama branch is located in 5F of The Aeon mall. Just 5mins of walk from the station.

So if you have any questions, feel free to stop by !

We are looking forward to you visiting our store.



Contact information Shimamura Music Okayama Branch
Working hours Open10:00~21:00,every day
Address Okayama city shimoishii 1-2-1 Aeon Mall Okayama5F
Call 086-803-5880
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!


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Method of payment

  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Shopping credit card
  • Electronic money
  • Gift certificate
  • Debit card
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  1. Welcome to Shimamura Music Okayama!