Import and Logistics

Hot Line Music Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Shimamura Music, handles domestic distribution and importing. It currently does business with more than 200 domestic and overseas suppliers, including manufacturers. It has a distribution center in east Japan and one in central Japan, which have a total floor space of 10,000 square meters (108,000 square feet). One center is located near a seaport, allowing for easier and faster customs clearance and direct shipments. The center in central Japan provides an ideal environment for maintaining the quality of fretted instruments. Both locations offer a “same day shipping” service for orders made daily at our retail stores and for customers who order through our online store.

For overseas companies, Hot Line Music Corporation handles services in the areas of purchasing, payment transactions, customs clearance and shipping to distribution centers, while maintaining an adequate stock in warehouses.

With every step it takes to ensure prompt and highly reliable delivery, Hot Line Music Corporation also pursues efficiency and cost-effectiveness by systemizing operations, consolidating distribution channels and advancing IT systems. Through these efforts, the Shimamura Music group is able to operate at an optimum level and provide the utmost in customer satisfaction.